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My Books

Mrs K begins again living here now my booksMrs K Begins Again. A Story of Resilience.

Mrs K Begins Again is a story about cat (and human) resilience. Resilience means that you do not get discouraged when things are difficult. Well, you might get a little overwhelmed or disappointed, but you notice that and keep going. This is what Mrs K does in this humorous book. This lovely kitty has a week full of adventures and she sometimes gets hurt or sad. Luckily, she has a trick up her sleeve – she knows how to use her breathing to make herself feel better! What is Mrs K up to today?

Mrs K Begins Again can be purchased from large Borders bookstores, some Lulu, Co-op and Spar supermarkets across the UAE, Little Majlis (from Living Here Now store),, Amazon US, UK and Europe, from me (just contact me via email or Facebook). The distribution list is being continuously updated so please feel free to contact me for the latest distribution options.


I’m excited to introduce my new baby to you: “I Think I Can’t Sleep” has just been published! I have always wanted to help children and my great hope is that this book will support many who struggle with challenging thoughts and falling sleep. The book gives a glimpse into the, sometimes chaotic, world of thoughts and offers ways to manage it.

In “I Think I Can’t Sleep” I talk about things that every child (everyONE!) should know about their thoughts, for example that they sometimes might not be true! It is Adam’s birthday tomorrow and he just cannot sleep. He is thinking about balloons, presents and many, many other things, and those thoughts just won’t go away.

It is a humorous, beautifully illustrated book that should be on every child’s bookshelf.

“I Think I Can’t Sleep” is available on, and Amazon across Europe.

May you enjoy many happy thoughts!