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Mrs K begins again living here now my booksMrs K Begins Again. A Story of Resilience.

“Mrs K Begins Again” is a story about resilience. When you are resilient you do not get discouraged when things are difficult, like they do for Mrs K. Instead of giving up on her adventures, Mrs K notices, breathes deeply and starts over.

This book introduces children to breathing as a way of managing powerful emotions. Mrs K makes breathing fun by pretending she blows out birthday candles and smells flowers or blows up colourful balloons – breath innnnnnnn, breath ouuuuut…

You can listen to the story here:

I think I can’t sleep

I have always wanted to help children gain skills that support their mental health. Teaching to notice and manage thoughts seemed important since rumination and negative thinking play an important role in common issues like anxiety and depression.

In “I Think I Can’t Sleep” it is the eve of Adam’s birthday and he just cannot sleep. He is thinking about balloons, presents and even pirates, and those thoughts just won’t go away! He tries multiple strategies like counting sheep and ORDERING himself to stop thinking, but nothing works. He finally calls his mum who suggests he pays attention to his body to settle his mind.

The book gives a glimpse into the, sometimes chaotic, world of thoughts and offers a way to manage it. It is a humorous but also an educational story, encouraging children to consider whether thoughts are always true, how they make us feel, and whether they are always helpful. This book encourages the development of metacognition – an ability to observe one’s thoughts.

It is a beautifully illustrated book that should be on every child’s bookshelf.

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Doug the Ant Seeing the InvisibleDOUG THE ANT. SEEING THE INVISIBLE

“Doug the Ant. Seeing the Invisible” is a book about appreciation of the ordinary.

Doug and Timothy discover that there is a lot of fun to be had inside the mysterious object they found in the forest. As they slide down the smooth walls and enjoy the spectacular views, they get picked up by little Maya. She initially doesn’t see the beautiful textures and colours that they see. As she looks carefully though, what was initially invisible is revealed.

Doug the Ant invites you to pause and turn your attention to the great treasures of the here and now.