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We discuss what you need and we do what suits you: We can coach in person or online. We can have mindfulness classes just the way it is convenient for you – do get in touch so we can brainstorm how we can make the world a better place.

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Collaborative ADHD Coaching Sessions for Teens, Young Adults and Adults

ADHD Coaching sessions are aimed at supporting the client in meeting their personal, academic, professional and social goals.

  • Individual and small group
  • Online or face to face
  • Standard 60 min or adjusted to client’s needs
  • In-between sessions support

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ADHD Coaching Groups for Teens, Young Adults and Adults

ADHD Coaching Groups are an effective way to help you meet your goals, while offering and receiving helps from others.

  • Small groups
  • Online
  • 60 mins
  • In-between sessions support

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Mindfulness Workshops for Teachers and Therapists

Clients are introduced to mindfulness theory and practice, including its elements: self-care, non-judgment, gratitude, acceptance and curiosity. Ways to initiate and maintain private, classroom and therapy room practice are discussed.

Brief description:

  • Three workshops delivered over two months
  • 60 minute a workshop

MBSR-T – Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for Teens

This is the original Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program designed in the Center for Mindfulness of University of Massachusetts Medical School, adapted for teenagers.

Mindfulness program proven to be effectively applied in schools, as an extra-curricular activity, in hospitals and other settings.

  • 8 classes delivered over 8 or 16 weeks
  • 90 or 45 minute classes
  • Focused on learning mindfulness tools through practice, in and out of class
  • Science proven benefits