We tend to see the negative, the imperfect (have you looked in the mirror recently), the tragedy (perhaps watched the news?) before we notice the goodness. This negativity bias might keep us out of harm’s way sometimes, but numerous other times it raises alarm unnecessarily. Awareness of this tendency pays off: it allows us to choose to purposely direct our attention towards positive.

Today, I thought of it in the context of expectations. Having few expectations of others’ behaviour seems to be conducive to well-being. The moment we start expecting recognition or appreciation from others, we set ourselves up for potential disappointment. Whether expectations have been met or not has to be verified, sending us on a search for shortcomings – our favourite!

Mindful presence provides encouragement to see the goodness, even in what seems unimportant. By bringing the even-so-small good to the forefront of our awareness, we allow the significance of it to expand and exert its healing influence on us.                                                                                                                                                                                  The smallest positive thing becomes more impactful when we recognize it, notice and experience it – even more so when we dress it in words. Seeing the good in ourselves and allowing it to become a part of our narrative can nourish us profoundly. Seeing the good in others and speaking about it out loud changes us, changes them and our relationships for the better.

So consider yourself invited to see the good and speak about the good – in yourself, in others and in the world. Invited to avoid the trap of taking the even-so-small good for granted.                                                                               And invited to notice the thinking that the tiny good doesn’t matter. I know for a fact that it does and needs your voice.